Project Management & Agile Methods

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Project Management & Agile Methods

About Course

This module is the comprehensive guide to real-world project management methods, tools, and techniques. Practical, easy-to-use, and deeply thorough, provides answers to current requirements and needs. It highlights cutting-edge ideas, delivered in short, lively segments that address common management issues. Brief descriptions of important concepts, tips on real-world applications, and compact case studies illustrate the most sought-after skills and the pitfalls managers should watch out for. Project management is a complex role, with seemingly conflicting demands that must be coordinated into a single, overarching, executable strategy - all within certain time, resource, and budget constraints. This module shows how to get it all together and how to get it done, with guidance for every step of the way. 

  • Navigate complex management issues effectively 
  • Master key concepts and real-world applications 
  • Learn from case studies of today's leading experts 
  • Keep your project on track, on time, and on budget 

From finding the right sponsor to clarifying objectives to setting a realistic schedule and budget projection, all across different departments, executive levels, or technical domains, project management incorporates a wide range of competencies. Agile methods are known but often not implemented in within aerospace projects as there are only a few methods existing, which can be combined with safety critical processes and standards. Therefore the future of project management is a combination of known agile and safety critical best practices.


What will I learn?

  • Understand the foundations and principles of project management 
  • Understand agile, lean start-up and stage-gate 
  • Demonstrate how to turn an opportunity or a problem into a project 
  • Identify stakeholders and win their cooperation 
  • Establish key documentation to manage expectations and define success 
  • Manage agile development with scrum



  • No special requirements needed once a student was accepted for the overall MBA program. 
  • For the MBA program a student need to complete the MBA Common courses and the specialized courses.

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