Employee Motivation

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Employee Motivation

About Course

Getting employees to do their best work has never been easy. But it is a particular challenge for knowledge workers, who must attend to many different tasks and whose to-do list is often ambiguous, requiring outside-the-box thinking. Lists of dos and don’ts are rarely effective. Instead, the best bet is to align their interests with the organisations’ “heart of motivation” and set them free to use their own drive and creativity on their, and the organisations, behalf. But how to align the employees interests? How to avoid incentive schemes that warp priorities, encourage perfunctory and sloppy work, or cause unethical behaviour? This module offers a variety of tools, drawn from the disciplines of economics and social psychology, which can be adapted to specific situations to achieve better motivation. This starts with understanding both the economic and social relationship employees have with their work, their jobs, and organization, then using that understanding to find economic or psychological motivators which will work. Whatever the business, and whether newly minted managers, a seasoned executive hungry for employees’ best work, or a curious leader looking for new ways to be effective, this module will prove a useful and enlightening content. Managers in aerospace companies are used to slow and old processes due to formal requirements and historical reasons, therefore the future managers needs to cover employee motivation methods next to all required technical skills.


What will I learn?

  • Understand the economics of employment relationships 
  • Understand the psychology of employment relationships 
  • Demonstrate motivation practices for employees and teams 
  • Implement motivation practices in teams and organisations



  • No special requirements needed once a student was accepted for the overall MBA program. 
  • For the MBA program a student need to complete the MBA Common courses and the specialized courses.

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