Cyber Security Management

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Cyber Security Management

About Course

A Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework provided for a wide audience. Derived from research, it places security management in a holistic context and outlines how the strategic marketing approach can be used to underpin cyber security in partnership arrangements. The module is unique because it integrates material that is of a highly specialized nature but which can be interpreted by those with a non-specialist background in the area. Indeed, those with a limited knowledge of cyber security will be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject and will be guided into devising and implementing relevant policy, systems and procedures that make the organization better able to withstand the increasingly sophisticated forms of cyber-attack. The module includes

  • a sequence-of-events model
  • an organizational governance framework
  • a business continuity management planning framework
  • a multi-cultural communication model
  • a cyber security management model and strategic management framework
  • an integrated governance mechanism
  • an integrated resilience management model
  • an integrated management model and system
  • a communication risk management strategy
  • and recommendations for counteracting a range of cyber threats.

This module simplifies complex material and provides a multi-disciplinary perspective and an explanation and interpretation of how managers can manage cyber threats in a pro-active manner and work towards counteracting cyber threats both now and in the future.


What will I learn? 

  • Understand the sequence-of-event model 
  • Understand the organisational strategic governance framework 
  • Plan and implement business continuity management 
  • Consider and establish a communication risk management strategy 
  • Identify treats and recommendations for counteracting cyber threats 
  • Integrate security with intelligence



  • No special requirements needed once a student was accepted for the overall MBA program. 
  • For the MBA program a student need to complete the MBA Common courses and the specialized courses.

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