Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

About Course

Analytics has become the technology driver of this decade. Companies such as IBM, SAP, IBM, SAS, Teradata, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell and others are creating new organizational units focused on analytics that help businesses become more effective and efficient in their operations. Decision makers are using more computerized tools to support their work. Even consumers are using analytics tools, either directly or indirectly, to make decisions on routine activities such as shopping, health/healthcare, travel and entertainment. The field of business intelligence and business analytics (RI & BA) has evolved rapidly to become more focused on innovative applications for extracting knowledge and insight from data streams that were not even captured some time back, much less analysed in any significant way. New applications turn up daily in healthcare, sports, travel, entertainment, supply-chain management, utilities, and virtually every industry imaginable. The term analytics has become mainstream. Indeed, it has already evolved into other terms such as data science, and the latest incarnation is deep learning and Internet of Things. This module provides a managerial perspective to business analytics continuum beginning with descriptive analytics (e.g., the nature of data, statistical modelling, data visualization, and business intelligence),moving on to predictive analytics (e.g., data mining, text/web mining, social media mining),and then to prescriptive analytics (e.g., optimization and simulation),and finally finishing with Big Data, and future trends, privacy, and managerial considerations.


What will I learn? 

  • Understand business intelligence, analytics, and data science 
  • Understand data mining process, methods, and algorithms 
  • Evaluate big data concepts and tools 
  • Consider trends, privacy and management in analytics 



  • No special requirements needed once a student was accepted for the overall MBA program. 
  • For the MBA program a student need to complete the MBA Common courses and the specialized courses.

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