Agile Systems Engineering

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Agile Systems Engineering

About Course

Agile Systems Engineering presents a vision of systems engineering where precise specification of requirements, structure, and behaviour meet larger concerns as such as safety, security, reliability, and performance in an agile engineering context. This module incorporates agile methods and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to define the properties of entire systems while avoiding errors that can occur when using traditional textual specifications. It covers the lifecycle of systems development, including requirements, analysis, design, and the handoff to specific engineering disciplines. Throughout, it couples agile methods with SysML and MBSE to arm system engineers with the conceptual and methodological tools they need to avoid specification defects and improve system quality while simultaneously reducing the effort and cost of systems engineering. Agile methods are known but often not implemented in within aerospace projects as there are only a few methods existing, which can be combined with safety critical processes and standards. Therefore the future of aerospace systems engineering is a combination of known agile and safety critical best practices.


What will I learn? 

  • Understand and explain model-based systems engineering 
  • Understand agile methods and benefits 
  • Define agile system requirements and analysis 
  • Evaluate alternative architectures and technologies 
  • Selecting specific architectures and technologies 
  • Verify systems as a whole



  • No special requirements needed once a student was accepted for the overall MBA program. 
  • For the MBA program a student need to complete the MBA Common courses and the specialized courses.

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